I Find it Best to Start at the Beginning, Part 1

Could you imagine beginning with parallel parking when you first started driving or playing a song for friends at your first attempt at the piano?  Yet, so many people start their weight loss journey in the middle without establishing a foundation to work from.  It is no wonder failure rates are so high, most people are starting at the wrong point in their program.

So, where to begin?  Start with a review of what you have done in the past, what has and has not worked for you?  You have to take a look at the road you have traveled through critical eyes; if you lost a lot of weight over a coupe of months on a low calorie diet only to gain it back did it really work?  If you don’t have many references for what has worked for you look at what has worked for other individuals.  The National Weight Loss Registry is a great resource to find individuals that have lost weight and kept if off.

Next, take inventory of  what resources you have available to you and what barriers you need to address.  Will you be using a gym or equipment at home?  Will pizza Friday be an issue for you and what is an alternative?  Who in your life will support your efforts and who will razz you for not having one more beer when out and about?  Your journey doesn’t take place in a bubble and you should account for as many variables as possible.

Your attitude will play a significant role in your success and you have to be open to trying new things and staying aware.  Developing your awareness will be the key to really establishing a solid ground to develop from.  Keep a notebook for the next couple of weeks of your eating habits and exercise routine.  Check out Penzu.com for a free on-line notebook.

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Take Care

Zombie Apocalypse (video game)

Zombie Apocalypse (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is always going to be a reason or an excuse that will get in the way of your self-care.   Maybe the meeting ran over, or your dog is sick, or it’s the zombie apocalypse (Rule #1 Cardio), pick one.  I work with busy professionals that have kids and a million and one responsibilities yet, they make their health a priority.  For every person that tells me they are to busy to take care of themselves I know dozens of others that are much busier then they are.

This comes down to choice and the realization that you don’t always have to put in two-hours at the gym to check off the day as a win.  Make food choices that work in your favor, make sure you are getting up and walking during the day, do the little things that matter they will add up.  Do one small thing today just a little better then the day before and take care of business.

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Taking Fitness on the Road

Two girls, teens perhaps... these young ladies...

Oh, hey, come here much…  

Travel can be a significant barrier for those of us that are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  But you say, “Matt, I’m on vacation, that means I check the diet and exercise at the door so I can make room for Pina Coladas and long days of pool-side lounging.”  BS!! Ask yourself how you felt the last time you spent several days of drinking and eating like crap combined with inactivity.

When you look at vacation and travel through the lens of the healthy person you want to be it becomes difficult to imagine that high school spring break where you lived off of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and Beer.  Like everything we are going for a balanced lifestyle no matter where you are.  Keep the basics in mind, find a reason to be active every day and watch the higher calorie foods and drinks.

I have developed the habit of looking for something fun and active to do when ever I go out of town that allows me to experience the place I am visiting.  This has resulted in some pretty fun experiences like paddle boarding in South Caroline and a 5K scavenger hunt in New Orleans.  There are just as many things to do as a family if you are committed to your self-care and plan ahead just a little bit.

Have a great Monday!!

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Laying the Foundation

We all have the ability to succeed it is just a matter of discovering our individualized approach and committing to workable, realistic goals.

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a learnable skill.  Many of us stumble when trying to adopt an approach that just doesn’t make sense when jammed into what you already have going on.  Honestly, it is not entirely your fault if you have been trying for years to lose weight without success.  There is so much misinformation out there that ranges from the obscure to just insane.  Seriously, does it make sense that taking a bath in ice-water is a sustainable, realistic way to drop the pounds?

We will be looking at how you can change your mind in order to change your life.  Living healthy is a matter of choice and when I sit here and tell you that you choose to be over weight understand that I speak from personal experience.  After graduate school I found myself about 65 pounds heavier then I am now, I was unhappy with my life, I drank way to much alcohol and had no problem finishing a bag of chips in front of the TV.  The thing is, I chose to be this way, I knew what I needed to do to maintain a healthy weight, I had been a personal trainer and spin instructor for almost 15 years at this point.

“But Matt!” You say, “I have been trying to lose weight for years, it is always on my mind, how could you be so callous?”  Bare with me here and just take a moment to think.  True weight loss isn’t a sprint, it is a way of living that takes tenacity and long-term commitment.  Aside from a small percentage of the population that have diagnosed biological issues I guarantee that if we trace the journeys you have taken in the past nothing was done long-term.  Having worked with hundreds of individuals I have found that most people describe there efforts in terms of days and weeks instead of months and years.  The reality is, this is what sells, 100 pounds in 100 days sounds better then stay mindful for the rest of your life.

In my next post I will lay the foundation for this project in the mean time I want you to start thinking about what has and has not worked for you over the years.