It’s Story Time!

Everybody has a story in them, a string of events that together forms a narrative and influences their choices and behavior.  Think about it, when you tell people that you are a good cook what does this mean?  You may reference several meals that you have prepared over the years and the praise you received from friends and family for your creations.  At a deeper level you might even remember the time you spent in the kitchen with your parents learning the nuances of putting together a meal.

You can wear a culinary badge of competence based on a history of success and you enjoy the confidence that goes along with it.  The thing is, story telling works in both directions and if you are still mastering the art of boiling water you have a pretty different story.  The stories we tell ourselves can both carry us forward or hinder our progress; you get to choose which one you want to listen to.

Creating a lifestyle where you achieve a healthy weight and confidence means learning a story that aligns with what you are trying to accomplish.  The thing is, if you have had a difficult time with weight loss in the past your story may need revisions.  In fact, you may need to do a bit more research and find co-author if you really need to make some significant changes.

Before you know where to go you need to write out where you have been.  Take the rest of the week and think about your healthy living story.  Who are the main characters, who are the villains, what plot twist caught you off guard and what successes did you experience.  Once you have this down you can start to write the rest of the story.

Note, you don’t have to write this story alone so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Yes, it’s That Simple

The other day one of my friends shot me a note on Facebook asking how I felt about weight loss supplements.  She was looking to lose about 10 lbs. and was a bit frustrated with what she was seeing on the scale after a significant push.  My response: So, whenever you consider something like this think how it will work long-term. Sure, it might help you get to a place where you lose weight initially but, unless you make some habit change along with it chances are you will gain right back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to consider a weight loss pill, crash diet or extreme exercise program ever again?  That is why I promote habit change and creating a lifestyle that supports weight loss.  Friends, the formula is simple, eat less, move more, that is it.  I have seen people drop hundreds of pounds using this formula they walk and pay attention to the food they eat.

Best practices for weight loss success:

  • Journal your journey: Love the blogs I see where people put themselves out there and push forward.
  • Utilize Technology: Take a look at the apps that are out there and get in the habit of logging food and workouts.
  • Weigh-in:  My successful clients weigh in daily and own both the weight gain and weight loss.  They understand that the number on the scale is just feedback and not a judgement of their success.
  • Team Player: Don’t do this alone.  The successful people I work with lean on their team for support and to get better insight into this process.

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Vision of Health



Cowboy (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_IN_SEPTEMBER)


It’s a lazy hot morning in the town of Deadwood and old Sheriff Andy is sipping his coffee enjoying a moment of silence before his day gets started.  Suddenly, his peaceful, meditative moment is shattered by the rapid thundering of hooves coming toward him from the sunrise end of town.  He jumps up from his chair, and is surprised when he recognizes Ray Evans riding wildly up the street.  “Ray! Where the hell are you going?” Shots Sheriff Andy. “I don’t know, ask the horse.” Replies Ray.


Sometimes weight loss can feel like this, a wild ride on the back of a fast horsing with the understanding that you are going somewhere but not really sure of the details.  It’s so easy to fall in love with the fantasy of how things are going to be when you finally drop all those pounds.  Think about it, you will no longer have to worry about taking your shirt off at the beach, finally take that hot Yoga class, and get that promotion at work.


Individuals that are successful at weight loss have a clear vision of the lifestyle that they are working toward and fall in love with the process.  Take a second today and consider, what your healthy style will look like, what activities will you participate in, how will your days change, what do you look like?  Now, break your process down, what are the day-to-day behaviors would you like to have in place, why is weight-loss important to you and your family, and what milestone have you set to achieve along the way?


Remember, while you should have a detailed idea of what you want to achieve this is a journey and if you don’t take care of what’s on the inside it won’t make a difference what you achieve on the outside.


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It’s Not What You Do, It’s Who You Are

Raise your hand if you have found yourself saying any of the following: 

  •  “I don’t have time for exercise right now.”
  • “Things just got busy, I will get back around to my diet next week.” 
  • “As soon as I get this project off my plate I will start working out again.” 

The mindset that people can adopt around living a healthy lifestyle and attending to their self-care can really work against them.  Aren’t you pretty much saying, I don’t have time to take care of myself when you make a comment similar to the one’s listed above?  

This is the thing, healthy living isn’t something that you do, it is a way of being that takes your needs into account no matter what is going on.  Sure, there are going to be busy times in your life but, there are always things you can do.  Maybe a project is dropped on you at work and you can’t get your normal workout in.  So, pay a little more attention to what you eat and go for a walk after dinner.  

What are your suggestions to those that say they are to busy to take care of themselves?


Laying the Foundation

We all have the ability to succeed it is just a matter of discovering our individualized approach and committing to workable, realistic goals.

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a learnable skill.  Many of us stumble when trying to adopt an approach that just doesn’t make sense when jammed into what you already have going on.  Honestly, it is not entirely your fault if you have been trying for years to lose weight without success.  There is so much misinformation out there that ranges from the obscure to just insane.  Seriously, does it make sense that taking a bath in ice-water is a sustainable, realistic way to drop the pounds?

We will be looking at how you can change your mind in order to change your life.  Living healthy is a matter of choice and when I sit here and tell you that you choose to be over weight understand that I speak from personal experience.  After graduate school I found myself about 65 pounds heavier then I am now, I was unhappy with my life, I drank way to much alcohol and had no problem finishing a bag of chips in front of the TV.  The thing is, I chose to be this way, I knew what I needed to do to maintain a healthy weight, I had been a personal trainer and spin instructor for almost 15 years at this point.

“But Matt!” You say, “I have been trying to lose weight for years, it is always on my mind, how could you be so callous?”  Bare with me here and just take a moment to think.  True weight loss isn’t a sprint, it is a way of living that takes tenacity and long-term commitment.  Aside from a small percentage of the population that have diagnosed biological issues I guarantee that if we trace the journeys you have taken in the past nothing was done long-term.  Having worked with hundreds of individuals I have found that most people describe there efforts in terms of days and weeks instead of months and years.  The reality is, this is what sells, 100 pounds in 100 days sounds better then stay mindful for the rest of your life.

In my next post I will lay the foundation for this project in the mean time I want you to start thinking about what has and has not worked for you over the years.