Only as Healthy as You Think You Are

I love my job(s)!  I wondering how many people can actually say that about the work that they do day in and day out.  Working with individuals to improve their lives is amazingly rewarding and I have gleaned a lot of knowledge of the las decade-and-a-half.  This blog is about inspiring individuals and delivering information that professionals need to keep their clients motivated dedicated to long term life-style change.

I have been a personal trainer for over fifteen-years have worked with hundreds of people that were looking for answers their problem.  At first I thought that problem was being over weight and focused and how quickly I could help someone drop pounds.  The longer I stayed in the business the more apparent it came to me that this was much more about losing weight these individuals were looking for happiness.  There expectation was that they could go on autopilot with me for a couple of months and come out on the other end looking better and feeling happier.

The reality was people would lose weight, drop a waist or dress size, and they would stop coming to our sessions.  I will see them back a couple months later some pounds heavier then they were when they left and back in a funk.  It took me a while to figure out that there was more to getting people in shape then kicking their butts in the weight room.  I went back to school to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in health psychology.  I wanted to understand how to break through my clients greatest barriers to healthy living, themselves.

This blog will be part of a website that I have to give my followers and clients day to day updates and information around the psychology of healthy living.  I hope to develop some products based on this niche and create a small business that gets this information out to health and fitness professionals.  I want to inspire people from time to time but my focus will be on discussing strategies and developing a community around this topic.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Matt Lawson


Kick-it to the Curb: Diets Don’t Work

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My last diet book

I hear something similar to this at least once a month.  “Hey, have you heard of the new cave-man, vegan, half-protein, partial lard, candy-corn, milk-steak diet?  My sister started it last month and has lost about 35 pounds with no end in site.”  Diet products are a multi-billion-dollar business that plays to the desire of individuals to lose weight without doing that much work.  They offer you a fast track to dropping the pounds through structure and promised results.  The problem is, they just don’t work.

However, there is hope and I am going to share the secret that those hundred-dollar diet books don’t want you to know.  It turns out that eating less fat and exercising are the keys to losing weight and keeping it off.  I know, mind blowing, right?  Niklas and colleagues whom studied data put out by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey  on over 4,000 obese individuals made some interesting discoveries.

“Those who exercised more and ate less fat were significantly more likely to lose weight, additionally we found a correlation between joining weight loss programs and greater reported weight loss, which may speak to the importance of structure in a weight loss regimen.”

The study also found that there was not a correlation between over the counter or prescription diet pills/supplements and long-term weight loss.

So, did I sufficiently burst your bubble?  Diets just don’t work.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when the client tells me the number of times that they have tried Weight Watchers.  You have to wondering why someone has to do  a program more then once if it is effective.  In order to lose weight it really is as simple as eating right and exercising, no magic pill or food is going to come along anytime soon and change that.

One of the best investments that you can make in yourself if you are serious about losing weight is it is going to take some research and planning.  Find professionals to get the information you will need to develop an individualized program that take your specific needs into account.  Most of all, you have to recognize that you are making a lifestyle change and it is going to take some time.  It took years to put the weight on and if your expectation that it will come off in months you are kidding yourself.