Surfs Up on Cravings

A S'more; melted marshmallow and milk chocolat...

A S’more; melted marshmallow and milk chocolate between two graham crackers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I call my newest guilty pleasure the bachelor smore: two graham crackers, Nutella spread on each with a heated marshmallow squished between.  It is decadent and a welcomed snack at the end of my day when I am giving into my sweet-tooth.  If you are like me and you crave sweet treats dealing with those feelings while trying to make healthier food choices can be a bit of a challenge.

Think about the last time you had the urge to have something that you knew wasn’t part of the plan, did you give into the craving, pass, or do you even remember?  Unless it was a really recent event, I am guessing you can’t even remember the last time you had a craving for something.  Most cravings are fleeting and if you just give yourself a second to allow the wave of feelings to pass over you will develop your resilience to the urge.

Try this the next time you have a craving:

  1. Acknowledge the feeling, note where the perceived desire is coming from, check-in with yourself and pay attention to any tension in your body.
  2. Set a timer 5-10 minutes and just sit with the feeling.  During this time try paying attention to the way you are breathing, the place you are sitting, and the thoughts going through your head.
  3. After the time is up engage in a positive, non food related activity.  Maybe you pull up a game on your phone or go to your favorite site on the internet.  Shifting to another activity when you have the food cravings will help train your mind to think of alternatives to food when stressed, anxious, or bored.

Have fun surfing!

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