Healthy Identity Crisis

Jean Loring in Identity Crisis. Art by Rags Mo...

Jean Loring in Identity Crisis. Art by Rags Morales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What goes into your identity; your job title (cat wrangler), the status in your family (oldest of eight), your hobby (extreme world-building).  Chances are you wouldn’t include your tendencies toward late night snacking or how you binge on food and alcohol when you are in social situations.  Yet, when I tell someone that in order for them to successfully lose weight they have to address these problem areas you would think I was asking them to give up breathing.

Think about how you socialize or unwind at the end of the day, think about the joy or comfort that you get from having your favorite treat, now imagine having that taken away.  That twinge of loss that you feel highlights one of the more significant barriers to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.  If you have had difficulty in the past dropping pounds you might want to look at how you identify with the foods you eat and your way of being.  Can you imagine living a healthier lifestyle or are you stuck ruminating about all the things you will have to give up if you committed to significant change?

Take some time today and envision the life you want.  Consider what socializing, unwinding and stress reduction looks likes through the lens of a healthier you.  When that person is looking back at you in the mirror several months from now I am guessing the sacrifices you made will be worth it.

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