Measure Twice, Cut Once

Tape measure

Tape measure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My clients come to me with the best intentions in the world and they want so much.  “I want to have a six-pack,” I want to impress the girl/guy/other of my dreams with my physique,” “I want to drop 5 dress sizes before my wedding next week.”  All great intentions but, all the hope in the world is nothing without a little planning to go along with it.

Weigh loss and lifestyle creation, like any journey, is only realized through good planning and consistent follow through.  Anything less would be like starting a road trip without a destination in mind, “are we there yet, I don’t know.” Sure, you want to lose weight, that is your destination, but successful individuals don’t obsess about how they will look when they get there, successful individuals focus on the journey.

Take a look at your week, what small behavior change can you make each day to move yourself one step closer to the next 5 lbs. of weight loss?

Happy Monday!!!


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