Inspiration Versus Motivation

Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s half-time, your team is down and the coach walks into the locker room to deliver a speech with references to The Alamo, Ulysses S. Grant and Mary Lou Retton.  Your team rallies in the second half, scores more points then they have all season and stages an amazing comeback to wins the game.

Now, were the players motivated or inspired?  When it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle motivation will peak and trough throughout the journey.  The problem that people will often run into is they look for motivation in the wrong places and bank on buying things like videos, books, personal training or membership to group fitness to keep them going.  These things tend to be pretty superficial and while you may feel inspired momentarily keeping the fire stoked is short lived.

True motivation comes from within and is based on significant, heart-felt factors that pulls from areas that are deep inside of you.  Think what losing weight and living healthy will mean to the people you love, your long-term health and your sense of being.  Come up with a list of deep seated reason why your health is important that you can reference when you are feeling off track.

Happy Friday!!


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