I Love Me, I Love Me Not, I Love Me, I Love Me Not…

I often get clients that have been trying to lose weight their entire adult lives and have the diets and workout videos in their wake to prove it.  They have struggled for years to one day look in the mirror and see this fantasy person looking back at them, slender with a six-pack and  confidence blazing in their eyes.  For some, today is not that day. They wince at what they are looking at, maybe even tug at that roll on their waste-line as if they can reveal something better underneath.

I have to ask, what good is it doing you to allow these self-depricating thoughts mess with what you are trying to accomplish?  There is no straight set course to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, there really is only you giving your all and correcting the course when things aren’t going your way.  One of the best things you can do for yourself in this process is to rediscover why you love yourself enough to take the best care possible.  It will become harder and harder to go a little heavy on that portion or eat a snack off plan when you ask, “does this work for or against me getting the most out of my body?”

If you aren’t your own best friend maybe it is time to introduce yourself and discover what makes you such a great person.  If you don’t, who will?


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