Sabotaging Thoughts and Thinking Errors

Good versus Evil

Good versus Evil (Photo credit: Helico)

I was a cartoon buff when I was a kid and not much has changed over the years, Saturday mornings I still wake up early to watch my toons.  There is an iconic scene that has passed down over the decades where a character debates good and evil with a devil and angel on each shoulder.  This frames the struggle that many of us may feel when we try to make decisions about self-care.  You know you want to go to the gym, you feel so much better after a workout but you worked so hard today maybe it would be better if you go home and recharge so you can get a better workout in later.

Sabotaging thoughts can get in the way of even our best intentions, it doesn’t matter what your plan is or how much you have been looking forward to the activity, in an instance you can decide not to go.  Think of a sabotaging thought as those little voices in your head that internal dialog that is constantly talking.  These voices justify, rationalize, intellectualize and basically just come up with every excuse in the book for you.

This week I am going to take a look at how thinking can get in the way of the things that we want to do but just can’t seem to make happen.  Often, our thinking process can be the deciding factor when it comes to get things done or coming up short.  We will look at motivation, procrastination, discipline and just what it means to break through mental barriers and get things done.


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