Micro Effort

I had an exhausting conversation with one of my clients yesterday, one of those individuals that insist he is incapable of change and I am wasting my time with him.  No matter what I said he kept coming back to the idea that food and inactivity are his drugs of choice.  The interesting thing is this person is a successful entrepreneur, has a wonderful family and just a all around high functioning individual.

Clients like this require a bit of special attention because no matter how many meal plans or workout routines you toss at them the negative mindset will persist.  A technique that I have found particularly helpful is to get them to commit to micro-changes.  This technique is draw from the foot in the door technique that says once you get the individual to commit to something small getting larger commitment later isn’t as difficult.  I ask my clients to just commit to 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or just 5 push-ups each day and build from that point.  Often times I find that the person will take it upon themselves to do more once they start with the minimal-effort item.

Ask for a little hope for more.


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